MUI X provides complementary React components built with MUI Core. Some of the features are MIT, some are not. The software that is available under a commercial license can be purchased here. You can find more details on our policy around MIT vs. commercial in the docs.

Early bird special! 🐦

Buy now at a reduced price* (~25% off), and get early access to MUI X Pro, with the added opportunity to influence its development. This perpetual license gives access to support and updates for one year. The early bird special is available for a limited time, so don't miss this opportunity!


*The MUI X product is available under three plans:

  • The "Community plan", it contains the MIT components that are sustainable by the contributions of the open-source community. Free forever. No need to purchase this license for it.
  • The "Pro plan", which this license gives access to. It will be available at $249/dev after the early bird special price. It contains all the current data grid features and a new date range picker component. We are continuously adding new features.
    You can have an unlimited number of developers after 10 licensed developers.
  • The "Premium plan", which isn't available yet, will give access to the features in the "Pro plan" as well as the most advanced features, such as data grid pivoting and data grid aggregation. This plan will be available at $599/dev.
    You can have an unlimited number of developers per application after 10 developers are licensed per application.

Note: Early Bird pricing is only available for orders placed through the MUI Store.


Data Grid

Date Range Picker



Volume discount

The licenses are on a per-developer basis. We offer the following tiered discounts from list prices when purchasing more than one license for your development team:

  • 2-5 licenses: 10% discount,
  • 6-10 licenses: 15% discount,
  • 11+: License capped, extra developers do not need to be licensed.

Perpetual license

With your purchase, you are granted a license to use a version of the product in perpetuity. There are no further charges unless you choose to renew support and maintenance to cover newer versions. Please note that while the use of the software is perpetual, support and maintenance are not. We roll bug fixes, performance enhancements, and other improvements into new releases; we don't patch, fix, or in any way alter older versions

Support and maintenance

With your purchase, you receive support and maintenance for one year. After this time, you can continue to use your licensed versions in perpetuity, but will no longer be able to update to the latest version.


If you wish to be able to update to the latest versions and access support after the end of your support period, you have the option to renew support and maintenance. Renewal is priced at 50% off the first-year license cost (if purchased before the end of the support period).


Why are you calling it "early access"?

We think you’ll love the features we've built so far, but we're planning to release more. We opened it up as soon as we had something useful so that you can start getting value from it right away, and we'll be adding new features and components based on our own ideas, and on suggestions from early access customers.

How many licenses do I need?

The number of licenses purchased must correspond to the number of concurrent developers contributing changes to the front-end code of a project that uses MUI X Pro. However, the number of developers required is capped at 10 developers for the Pro plan and 10 developers/project for the Premium plan, developers above this limit don't need to be licensed.

Example 1. Company 'A' is developing an application named 'AppA'. The app needs to render 10K rows of data in a table and allow users to group, filter, and sort. The dev team adds MUI X Pro to the project to satisfy that requirement. 5 front-end and 10 back-end developers are working on 'AppA'. Only 1 developer is tasked with configuring and modifying the data grid. The front-end developers and only are contributing code to the front-end. Company ‘A’ purchases 5 licenses.

Example 2. A UI development team at Company 'A' creates its own UI library for internal development and includes MUI X Pro as a component. The team working on ‘AppA’ uses the new library and so does the team working on 'AppB'. 'AppA' has 5 front-end developers and 'AppB' has 3. There are 2 front-end developers on the UI development team. Company 'B' purchases 10 licenses.

How to remove the "Unlicensed product" watermark?

After you purchase a license, you'll receive a license key by email (if you didn't, check the spam folder). Once you have the license key, you need to follow the instructions necessary to set it up.

Do developers have to be named?

No. We trust that you will not go over the number of licensed developers. Developers moving on and off projects is expected occasionally, and the license can be transferred between developers at that time.

Am I allowed to use the product after the 1-year subscription expires?

Yes. The licenses are perpetual, you are allowed to continue using the products even after the 1-year subscription expires. However, you will be using the last product version released before your license expired. You will lose access to new functionality and updates, as well as technical support.

If you wish to preserve your access to product updates (new features and fixes) and dedicated support, you need to renew your license, please contact sales.

What is the policy on redistributing the software?

The licenses are royalty-free. The licensed entity can use our components without a sublicense in:

  • Solutions for internal company use
  • Hosted applications
  • Commercial solutions deployed for end-users

Based on the "Deployment" section of the EULA, you can sublicense the software if it's made part of a larger work. The new licenses must be in writing and substantially the same as these EULA

Example 1. Agency 'A' is building two applications for companies 'B' and 'C'. Agency 'A' purchases four licenses for four developers. They build the applications and sublicense the software to companies 'B' and 'C' without any extra fee.
- Company 'B' can deploy the application built by the agency without modifying the sources.
- Company 'C' decides to continue working on the application. They purchase one license per developer working on the front end of the application.

There are only two limitations that require additional discussion with our sales team:

  • A product that exposes the components in a form that allows for using them to build applications, for example, in a CMS or a design-builder.
  • Modules/components that DO NOT add significant primary functionality. Example: a theme for a set of components that is sold as a separate product and includes the XGrid components. In such cases, we offer reseller arrangements so that everyone has an incentive to enter into a relationship.

If your desired use falls under any of the three categories listed above, please contact sales. We will be happy to discuss your needs and see what we can do to accommodate your case.

Do you offer discounts to educational and non-profit organizations?

Yes, we offer a 50% discount on all products licensed to students, instructors, non-profit, and charity
entities. ⚠️ This discount cannot be combined with the current "early-bird"  discount.

To qualify for the discount, you need to send us a document clearly indicating that you are a member of the respective institution. An email from your official account which bears your signature is sufficient in most cases.

For more information on how to qualify for a discount, please contact sales.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?

Email us at for sales-related questions and we'll get you sorted.

For product-related questions, please open a new issue on GitHub. If you need to share private information, you can email us.

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  • Built to complement the MIT components

  • 1 year of updates & support

  • Designed for advanced use cases

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