The following is a list of some of the public apps using Material-UI.

Want to add your app? Found an app that no longer works or no longer uses Material-UI? Please submit a pull request on GitHub to update this page!

Bethesda Game Studios

The official site for Bethesda, publisher of Fallout, DOOM, Dishonored, Skyrim, Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls, more. Your source for news, features & community.

Serasa Consumidor

Consulte seu CPF e Score grátis rápido e fácil. Simule e consiga empréstimo com taxas que cabem no seu bolso. Saiba como limpar seu nome, acompanhe dicas sobre finanças pessoais e monitore seu CPF 24h por dia. 🇧🇷

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau helps United States consumers find businesses and charities they can trust.


OpenClassrooms is an online platform offering top quality, education-to-employment programs and career coaching services for students worldwide.

Leroy Merlin

Per i vostri progetti di bricolage, giardinaggio e miglioramento della casa, Leroy Merlin propone una grande scelta di marche al prezzo migliore. Tanti prodotti per tutta la casa: bagno, cucina, giardino, riscaldamento, elettricità, idraulica… Ritira in negozio o ricevi comodamente a casa. 🇮🇹


Codementor is the largest community for developer mentorship and an on-demand marketplace for software developers. Get instant coding help, build projects faster, and read programming tutorials from our community of developers.


Japan Music Network. 🇯🇵


Current & former uniformed professionals get exclusive access to deals on gear, apparel, tickets, travel and more.

SFR Presse

SFR Presse provides the best access to french newspapers, magazines and real time streams, personalized for you. 🇫🇷

AospExtended Download center

A download center that hosts all the official builds of AospExtended ROM, for supported devices for different android versions.


LessWrong is a community blog devoted to the art of human rationality.


Read thousands of free books, stories and serials on Sweek. Challenge yourself in writing. Turn your stories into books via Sweek Publishing. Join the global community of readers and writers!


A pioneering Muslim Fashion e-commerce site.


Beautiful Stock Photos for $1.


Get the best personal training, right at home. Access hundreds of training programs, unique health tips, and expert advice that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

NEO Tracker

NEO blockchain explorer and wallet.

Housecall Pro

The #1 rated mobile software to run your home service business. Schedule, dispatch, GPS track employees, invoice, accept credit cards and get booked online. The marketing website is also built with Material-UI:


Modern Furniture & Accessories, designed in Canada, for everyday living.

EOS Toolkit

EOSToolkit is the premier free, open source interface for managing EOS accounts. Create, transfer, stake, vote and more with Scatter!


A BitCambio oferece a facilidade de comprar e vender a moeda virtual bitcoin de forma direta e segura no Brasil. 🇧🇷


CityAds Media: global technology platform for online performance marketing powered by big data


Earn cryptocurrency in weekly data science competitions.

Forex Bank

Vi kan tilby kjapp og enkel valutaveksling, pengeoverføringer, samt kjøp av norsk veksel. 🇳🇴

The Media Ant

India's Largest online marketing service provider, with more than 200K advertising options, and more than 1M satisfied customers.


A safe and easy-to-use person-to-person platform to allow anyone to trade their local currency for Monero, anywhere.


Coaching sportif à domicile. 🇫🇷


A platform for individuals and businesses to find and book the perfect venue for any event.

ODIGEO Connect

Connect your hotel, B&B and apartment with Europe’s #1 flight OTA and distribute it to millions of travellers.


Comet lets you track code, experiments, and results on ML projects. It’s fast, simple, and free for open source projects.


Revestimentos cerâmicos para pisos e paredes com qualidade e design acessível. A Pointer faz parte da Portobello e atua no Nordeste do Brasil. 🇧🇷


Oneplanetcrowd is Europe’s leading sustainable crowdfunding platform for People & Planet.


Get a college recommendation and your chances using the best college predictor. Answer some questions and we'll calculate where you fit in best with our college finder and college matching tools. CollegeAI is an admissions and college counselor, college planner, and college chance calculator.


The admin of an imaginary poster shop, used as a demo for the react-admin framework. Uses many material-ui components, including tables, forms, snackbars, buttons, and theming. The UI is responsive. The code is open-source!

Builder Book

An open source web app to write and host documentation or sell books. Built with React, Material-UI, Next, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB.

Commit Swimming

The #1 workout journal for coaches and swimmers.


Cannabis event platform to create and coordinate Cannabis events for the Cannabis community. Use our easy ticketing system, sponsor, and sell merchandise.

Cryptoverview: A friendly Dashboard for your cryptocurrency portfolio

Cryptoverview is a responsive webapp that displays a user's Bittrex portfolio, trending currencies and market caps. It provides some fancy charts, news related to cryptocurrencies, and more. (demo:demo)


Discovery Channel Latin America. 🇪🇸

Iceberg Finder

Whether spotting them from outer space, or standing on our coastline, is your premier place for finding bergs in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Rare Bits

Rare Bits is a marketplace where users can buy, sell and discover crypto assets.

Roast makes web hosting HTML and JS single-page apps fast, secure, and easy.

Melbourne Mint

The Melbourne Mint has been synonymous with precious metals and currency for over 100 years.


A free brand management software for the Google Suite.

Rung - Exceptionality Management

Rung alerts you about the exceptionalities of your personal and professional life.


Metafact is a place to verify knowledge via the world’s top experts. It’s a platform to ask questions, learn the facts and share the truth.


Arkopharma Laboritories customer loyalty site. 🇫🇷

Modole Language Exchange

Web app that allows users to write in the language they're learning and have it corrected by native speakers.

Manty Vision

An Open Data tool showing financial and demographic data for all the towns in France.

Johnny Metrics

Upload your trades, and analyze your crypto portfolio.


Modular audio production suite with multi-track audio mixing, audio effects, parameter automation, MIDI editing, synthesis, cloud production, and more.


SlidesUp is a platform to help conference organizers plan their events.


Free servers monitoring solution which can track any output of any command and do automated action. By default it tracks average load, CPU, HDD, RAM and sends email when something is going wrong.


Customer management and contract management we service for the insurance industry. 🇯🇵

One Shot Move

An LA based moving company.


Fluxguard monitors Web site changes for defacement & tamper protection, visual regression testing, synthetic transaction monitoring, and more.

Magic Mondayz

A company that focuses on providing an honest and efficient recruitment service, the human way.


The personal website of a React and Blockchain developer. The code is open-source.


We revolutionized the insurance contract and developed new products that are ahead of their time: MyThings and MyDamages. With only half a page of text and simple illustrations, we have developed the shortest insurance contracts worldwide. And the simplest.


DropDesk creates unique workspaces & experiences by converting unused space into vibrant coworking spaces. Meet, work and gain a sense of community.


A web app built with Material-UI v1 and Firebase that offers the user news and events of interest. 🇪🇸


An open source forum PWA. 🇯🇵 (Github docs are in English)


Planalyze is a real-time daily planning & task tracking tool that keeps teams connected & ahead of each day's workload.


Online photo editor. 6 simple and free image editing tools.

Local Insights

A real estate data provider that aggregates and analyzes property records, permits, and tax documents.

Code Typing Tutor

Keyboard simulator that helps to write code quickly and without errors.

Team SC

The site of a cognitive neuroscience research group, with a carefully designed interface and animation. 🇨🇳

npm registry browser

An open source web app that lets you search the npm registry and browse packages details.

Snippets Chrome Extension

An open source Chrome extension allowing you to import and execute JavaScript code snippets from GitHub.


An open source top 100 documentaries (personal opinion) app with React Hooks and Material-UI.

Material Blog

Visit the website

An open source blog with a UI built entirely using material-ui v1. Check out the theming page, which leverages `MuiThemeProvider` to allow for live theme changes.

Componofy: Spotify Playlist Combination

Visit the website

An open source web app that allows a Spotify user to combine private and public playlists and either create a new one or merge with existing playlist. You can also reorder your playlist tracks and upload new playlist cover images.


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"Insights" by Just Ask Users helps user experience research teams make sense of their user study findings. Teams can see their users' pains and needs easily so that they can enhance the product that they are designing. Material-UI is used both on the website (with server-side rendering) and within the interactive app itself.


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