Name Type Default Description
autoComplete string   This property helps users to fill forms faster, especially on mobile devices. The name can be confusing, as it's more like an autofill. You can learn more about it here:
autoFocus bool   If true, the input will be focused during the first mount.
classes object   Override or extend the styles applied to the component. See CSS API below for more details.
className string   The CSS class name of the wrapper element.
defaultValue union: string |
  The default input value, useful when not controlling the component.
disabled bool   If true, the input will be disabled.
disableUnderline bool false If true, the input will not have an underline.
endAdornment node   End InputAdornment for this component.
error bool   If true, the input will indicate an error. This is normally obtained via context from FormControl.
fullWidth bool false If true, the input will take up the full width of its container.
id string   The id of the input element.
inputComponent union: string |
 func |
  The component used for the native input. Either a string to use a DOM element or a component.
inputProps object   Attributes applied to the input element.
inputRef union: func |
  Use that property to pass a ref callback to the native input component.
margin enum: 'dense' |
  If dense, will adjust vertical spacing. This is normally obtained via context from FormControl.
multiline bool false If true, a textarea element will be rendered.
name string   Name attribute of the input element.
onChange func   Callback fired when the value is changed.

function(event: object) => void
event: The event source of the callback. You can pull out the new value by accessing
placeholder string   The short hint displayed in the input before the user enters a value.
rows union: string |
  Number of rows to display when multiline option is set to true.
rowsMax union: string |
  Maximum number of rows to display when multiline option is set to true.
startAdornment node   Start InputAdornment for this component.
type string 'text' Type of the input element. It should be a valid HTML5 input type.
value union: string |
 number |
  The input value, required for a controlled component.

Any other properties supplied will be spread to the root element (native element).


You can override all the class names injected by Material-UI thanks to the classes property. This property accepts the following keys:

  • root
  • formControl
  • focused
  • disabled
  • underline
  • error
  • multiline
  • fullWidth
  • input
  • inputMarginDense
  • inputMultiline
  • inputType
  • inputTypeSearch

Have a look at overriding with classes section and the implementation of the component for more detail.

If using the overrides key of the theme as documented here, you need to use the following style sheet name: MuiInput.